The Sanyam Saptah is a collective attempt at concentrated and uninterrupted 'Sadhana' and 'Satsang' for one week, which may serve as a model and give taste of a dedicated life, to be continued to whatever degree possible by each one individually throughout the year.
" For those who are pilgrims on the path, it is imperative to forge ahead vigorously, energetically, steadily and at great speed. Sitting in a rickety cart will not do. Virile strength of mind is always needed. You yourself have to mould your own life ---- remember this."
"To invoke Him, to be constantly intent on realizing Him alone, is man's duty --- at all times in His arms, in His embrace – within the Mother. On finding the Mother everything will be found."
To achieve this ideal, sanyam in one's life is imperative. Thus under Shree Shree Ma Anandmayee's personal guidance evolved the most magnificent function organized by Shree Shree Anandmayee Sangha ----- The Sanyam Mahavrata.
The sanyam Mahavrata is cosmopolitan in nature and maintain the highest ideals of all religions. It is open to all who wish to participate in it irrespective of their religion, caste, creed or colour. Whether they are young or old, rich or poor everyone can be part of it. It is an extremely popular function with Indians and foreigners alike and is a grand success from intellectual, cultural, religious and spiritual points of view.
The goal of this Mahavrata is the "Realisation of the self." It is a combined effort of all sadhaks towards the One. Individually one may find the path too difficult. However by a combined effort all the energies are motivated and sublimated towards the One-end. The weak willed are inspired by the stronger.

In Ma's words "By meditating in a group specially in the presence of Mahatmas the less advanced are helped by those who reach greater depths in their meditation since the 'prans' or life force is the same in all beings."

The Vrata provides a forum of speakers representing different schools of thought. Each speaker makes his contributions in his own way and with consummate skill. They are all the more effective as the Mahatmas are themselves travellors towards the 'Mahan' (Great).

Shree Shree anadmayee is, as it were the limitless ocean into which flows, from different directions so many rivers originating from different ssources and carrying messages from different angles of vision. Also each and every devotee experiences a direct communion with Shree Ma. What is strikingly obvious is Shree Shree Ma's spiritual presence is felt irrespective of the fact whether She is physically present or not and this communion is more valuable to the devotees than any thing else.

In Mataji's 'Sadhana lila' She has set the most perfect and unique example of Sanyam as a sadhak. She has shown that She has survived on three grains of rice for days on end and also with no sleep for months on end. Her indifference to cold or heat blame or praise, filth or 'chandan' was remarkable. She was embodiment of Sanyam. In order to achieve this perfection in Sanyam. Ma Herself has directed every aspects of the Mahavrata including its rules and regulations.

Spiritually, "It is the Lord Himself in the form of Sanyam Mahavrata. He has appeared in this form to bless and cleanse the devotee so that He can lift him onto His lap. Just as the cow licks its young one and xleans it of all the dirt, similarly God Himself cleans the devotee.

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