There are 42 members of the Governing Body who are elected every three years in batches of 7 each year (21 from Ascetics and 21 from Non Ascetics ) and are responsible for the Running and Management of the Sangha. The Board of Trustees and the Executive Council are elected form amongst the Governing Body Members except that the Board of Trustees has four members who are not G. B. Members, but by well known and highly respected devotees.

Each Branch Ashram of the Sangha is run (managed) by a management team (10 members) nominated by the Governing Body / E. C also for a period of three Years.
The Management team has a President, Vice President and Secretary to manage the day to day operations and six other members.

All Branch accounts are audited by an external auditor who then submits the signed Audit Report to Head Office who consolidates the accounts. The consolidated report is then audited by an external auditor. The Internal audit is carried out by separate internal Auditors.

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