Vrindavan Ashram
  It is the blessed Vrindavan, the playground of the son of Nanda (i.e. Krishna) in the dust of which the sound of Harinama is heard and in the trees and creepers of which the voice 'Ha Krishna' always echoes. In the grounds of Vrindavan, regarded as the play ground of child Krishna, on the Mathura-Vrindavan road, is situated Ma's Ashram.

Shri Haribaba, the well known saint of Vrindavan, had a special desire that there should be an Ashram of Ma in this Vrajadham. Therefore, when the Ashram was built then Sant Haribaba himself, taking the lead, made Ma enter the newly built Ashram.

Temples gradually came up on the grounds of the Vrindavan Ashram. At first through the earnest desire of Dr. Panna Lall, the temple of Nitai Gaur was constructed in March 1955, then a Shiva temple on 10th March, 1956. After these the two supreme deities of Radha & Krishna were installed in the central temple on 7th September, 1966 on the Janmastami day.
It is this holy place where a Mahatma in the form of a stone was found to bow down at the blessed feet of Ma. In this place where in Ma's divine vision, appeared on the bank of the Yamuna, a boy of tender age in a dancing pose, with curling hair, and someone was holding an umbrella on the head of the boy.
An astonishing thing happened at the time of constructing the temples- when the plinth was dug, the fact came to be revealed that this was the very place where Yamuna once flowed and the whole area fell in the ancient pastural ground.
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