Vindhyachal Ashram
  Uncommon is the beauty of the Ashram situated on the Ashtabhuja hillock. From a long distance it seems to be picturesque spot.

In 1927 Ma came here with Baba Bholanath for the first time. An Ashram was established here by the efforts of Swami Akhandananda Giri (Shri Shashanka Mohan Mukhopadhyay, Retd. Civil Surgeon of Dhaka) in 1928. After some time an area measuring 28 bighas was dedicated to Ma by Kashi Naresh H.H. Dr. Vibhuti Narayan Singh. At the time of digging the ground a considerable number of ruins of an ancient temple were found, which have been since preserved in the State Government Museum, Lucknow.

By observing these ruins it appeared that this is the place where the very ancient temple of Devi Vindhyavasini was situated. This is a triangular area comprising the Ashtabhuja Mandir, the Kalikho Mandir and this place, which is the middle point of that triangle.

This Ashram has witnessed a considerable number of divine leela of Ma. Each place of this Ashram has its own significance. The glory of this place naturally attracts the devotees towards it.

Address :
Ashtabhuja Hill
P.O. Vindhyachal-2231307
Mirjapur (UP)
Ph: 05442-290977

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