Uttarkashi Ashram
  Photo GalleryUttarkashi, the land of penances in the Uttarakhand, is situated in the lap of the Himalayas. Coming down from the Gaumukh-Gangotri, the Ganga producing murmuring sound goes through this place towards Hardwar. Here also the flow of the Ganga is towards the north as is found in Kashi(Varanasi), the city of Shiva; that is why the place is known by the name of 'Uttarkashi'.

In 1933 Sri Ma came here on foot with Baba Bholanath and Bhaiji. Baba Bholanath practiced austerities for some years on the bank of the Ganga. Even today we can see the place of penance of Baba Bholanath.

VideoIt is owing to the enthusiasm of Baba Bholanath that in 1935 by the name of the Ashram one or two huts and a Kali temple were constructed here, which had been consecrated by the lotus-hands of Baba Bholanath. He himself worshipped in this temple for some time. It was at this place where the great Karmayogi Swami Paramananda met Baba Bholanath for the first time in 1937.

In 1985 in connection with the Golden Jubilee celebration of the Kali temple, Ma Kali was worshipped in a special manner and the old temple, which was in a rather poor condition, was repaired and restored.

This ancient place of austerities attracts forever new aspirants towards itself. The silent solemnity and serenity of the Himalayas shines in each particle of this place.

Address :
Kali Mandir
P.O. Uttarkashi - 249193 (UA)
Ph: 01374-224343

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