The First Ashram at SiddeswariI (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
  Bangladesh has been a place of Shakti sadhana from time immemorial. Siddheswari is the name of an ancient place in one corner of the city of Dhaka. It is said that nobody knows how many temples were demolished in Bangladesh and how many times the images were broken, but there was no such happening in the Kali temple at Siddheswari.

Before coming to be acquainted with this place in the worldly way, the name of Siddheswari had come out from the blessed lips of Ma. This place was manifested in Ma's divine vision. Coming here Ma had said that this was indeed a place for sadhana. Sadhakas of highest stages used to come here after a period of 5500 years.

Ma came to this place with Baba Bholanath for the first time in 1924. In this very place in 1925, Ma was named 'Ma Anandamayi' by Bhaiji after observing Mother's blissful nature, and as ordained by Ma.

In 1926, the work of construction was taken up in the adjacent land of the Kali temple and Vasanti Puja was performed for the first time. In this very place were manifested different stages of concentration and particular acts of spiritual practices on the blessed body of Ma. Each particle of dust of this Ashram is indeed full of luster.

This was the very first Ashram of Shree Ma. In 1982 this ruined place was completely renovated with the financial help from the Government of Bangladesh and Shiva lingam was reinstalled on the original altar.

Hundreds of Ma's devotees regularly come to visit this holy place even today from across the world. The place has been recently renovated in 2008 with the enthusiasm and support of the local devotees.

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