The Birth Place at Kheora (Bangladash)
  Kheora is a very small village in the District of Brahmanbaria now in Bangladesh. Here was the house of the father of the paternal grandmother of Shree Shree Ma. Since the grandmother of Ma was the only child of her parents, she used to live here. In this pleasant natural environment, in a small but built in the shade of mango and neem trees, Ma appeared on this earth in the early dawn (Brahmamuhurta) of Thursday, the 30th April, 1896.

Blessed are the tiny particles of dust of this place in which Ma in the garb of a small girl used to play like a child. Blessed are the big and small trees, flowers and creepers of this place with which Ma sometimes used to talk or used to play with flowers.

Blessed are the people - Hindus and Muslims - of this place in the courtyard of whose houses the divine voice of Ma echoed. Blessed is this place in every particle of which the tune of the flute resounded.

Today in that very place is situated the small temple of Shree Shree Ma, which was consecrated on 5th May, 1992, by Shree Shree Anandamayee Sangha.

Near the birth place of Ma is situated the building of the Ashram, which was, through the efforts of Srimati Gurupriya Devi, established in 1939 on the Jhulan Purnima day in the presence of Ma. According to Ma, the sanctity of the place is manifested by its own power. Advised Ma to the villagers - "You see, you yourself will be benefited if you preserve this place with purity. You will acquire results, if coming here you pray in a special way. Don't make this place unholy".

  Narayan Chander Saha ( Moni)
Kheora Ma Anandamayee High School Managing Committee
Kheora , Kasba Brahmanbaria
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