Tarapith / Birbhum, Ashram (West Bengal)
  Tarapith, the principal place for Tantric form of sadhana is regarded as a siddha-pith (a place extremely favourable for spiritual practices) in West Bengal. It is also said to have been the place of spiritual practices of Baba Bholanath in his previous birth. Baba Bholanath received directions from Mother Tara the consecrated deity of Tarapeeth, and he used to come here almost every year. In this very place, Baba Bholanath came to be called by the name of 'Rama Pagla'.

It is that very place, where having perceived the exquisitely beautiful form of Shree Shree Ma, local devotees used to say: "We don't find any difference between you and Mother Tara, the presiding deity of our temple."

In 1936, in accordance with the peculiar kheyal of Ma, was performed the rite of the sacred thread ceremony (yagnopavita samskara) for Gurupriya Didi and for another fortunate daughter of a devotee. It was a repetition of the Vedic custom, which was rarely enjoined to girls practising austerities and observing celebacy.

In 1968 a building for the Ashram was constructed here. Previously, Ma used to stay in the courtyard attached to the main temple. A new Matrimandir was established here only a few years ago.

This place has always been a siddhabhumi (place highly favourable for spiritual attainment) to the worshippers of Devi. The ancient glory of this place came to be revived on account of Ma's coming here. This is the same sacred place where the song 'Krishna Kanhaiya banshi bajaiya gaua charaiya Ha re ('Krishna plays on a flute and grazes cows') came out from Ma's blessed mouth spontaneously. Ma's marble murti has been consecrated upon here and there is a regular flow of devotees these days here on every festival from neighbouring places and Calcutta. An annual function is held here on the Maghi Purnima day in winter."

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P.O. Chandipur Tarapeeth
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