Ranchi Ashram
  This health-resort in Jharkhand has earned a special importance on account of Ma's coming to this place. It was heard from Ma that this was a place for ancient Tantric sadhana and perhaps this is the reason that in the Ashram temple situated on the Main Road of Ranchi shines the divine image of Mahakali, the Adisakti of Mahakala, in the form of the goddess, endowed with fresh youth, holding a sword in the hand, blue in colour, exquisitely beautiful, full of laughter, dalliance and affection.

In 1953, being invited by devotees, Ma came first to Ranchi. By chance the new house of the noble-hearted young dentist Dr. Priya Ranjan Ghosh was being built. Ma was accommodated there. Afterwards the idea of offering the house to Ma arose in his mind and in October, 1954 the Durga Puja was performed in this house and the property was thus transformed into an ashram and donated to the Sangha.

In November 1955, the image of Kali, made of eight kinds of metals, was consecrated at the time of Kali Puja. Owing to the divine glory of the goddess Kali and Ma's supernatural compassion, in October 1962 on the occasion of the Dipavali festival, the new Kali temple was established. Besides these there are also temples of Shiva, Gopal and Rama. On 17th April, 1980, on the Akshaya Tritiya day the marble statue of Swami Muktananda Giri was also installed in this Kali temple in Ma's divine presence.

This place had appeared earlier in the divine vision of Ma. She had seen that the place was covered by a dense forest and there was a seat of Devi in the same. At the time of the consecration of the image of Kali, Ma told the priest: "Close your eyes and contemplate that the Devi in a living form is present directly before you." Even today devotees who are fortunate, directly experience the presence of the Mother Kali. On account of Ma's coming here, this place has really been turned into a shrine.

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