Rajgir Ashram (Nalanda, Bihar)
  Rajgriha, carrying the great messages of Bhagvan Buddha and Mahavira, the Tirthankara of the Jains, attracts thousands of seekers after Truth towards itself even today. In 1955 the small Ashram was built through the initiative of certain devotees, desiring to hear in this land of knowledge, the nectar-like words of Ma, the divine-wisdom-incarnate. In 1965 a new Shiva-temple was also consecrated on the occasion of the Shivaratri.

Ma used to come here often for rest in quiet. Devotees were also eager to come here on account of getting rid of mental and physical troubles in the proximity of Ma, especially devotees born in foreign countries, were very much attracted to this place with the view of obtaining close proximity to Ma. It is this place where the characteristics of the Buddha were revealed in the blessed body of Ma. She spoke of this place: "This is a place for austerities." The venerable saint Sri Haribaba also said: "Sitting with the saints here has a special effect.

Address :
P.O. Rajgir-803116
Nalanda (Bihar)
Ph: 06112-2610581

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