Raipur Ashram
  This small village is situated outside the Himalayan belt, not too far from Dehradun. Though from the worldly point of view, there is no grandeur of this place, yet in Ma's Kheyal which is capable of perceiving the three dimensions of time, this place came to be manifested long ago. Moreover coming from the remote East Bengal, Ma reached here with Baba Bholanath and Bhaiji for the first time in 1932 in her sojourn to Northern India.

In 1940, the owner of the old Shiva Mandir at Raipur dedicated to Ma the temple along with the premises. Afterwards in 1941, the temple was renovated and the building of the Ashram was constructed. In 1953 a separate block named (Tapalaya) was constructed in this holy land for sadhus and spiritual seekers.

Many sannyasins coming here to perform spiritual practices in the proximity of Ma used to derive pleasure. In earlier days, Ma also used to come here often to live in seclusion (Agyatabas). In 1941, Shri Jamnalal Bajaj, the renowned associate of Mahatma Gandhiji, came in contact with Ma here, and expressed his inner desire to even build a cottage at this place.

This Ashram, being situated in a calm, pleasing and charming environment, is highly favourable for intense spiritual practices, Ma also said: 'This is a real place for sadhana'.

Address :
P.O. Raipur
Dehradun- 248010, (UA)

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