Puri Ashram
  There is an incident of Ma's coming to Puri, the holy city of Jagannath (the Lord of the world). It happened in 1936. After hearing Ma's name the renowned Vaishnava saint Shri Shyamdas Baba, who residing near the Haridas Math, expressed his desire to see her. He was even prepared to go to Dehradun with the desire of meeting her. But considering the physical condition of the body it was not feasible. Some devotee said: "If you really desire, then you will be able to see Ma even sitting in this place." After some days, Ma herself came there unexpectedly.

The Ashram is situated in a place called Swargadwara just on the seashore of Puri (Orissa).

This Ashram reminds one of those days when on a moon-lit night on the sea-shore, the swan-like gaite of the Mother's bright-white blessed body with an exquisitely pure white dress, her divine smile defeating the beams of hundreds of moons and the singing of God's name by the sweet-voiced Chhabi Banerjee - all these adding to direct proof of the special importance of this place to hundreds of devotees.

It is this place where devotees had the good fortune of giving by their own hands morsels of Mahaprasada in the blessed mouth of Ma. It is the very place where devotees got satisfied by seeing both the movable (sachal) Jagannath and the immovable (achal) Jagannath in one place.In 1939 the Ashram was established on this ground.

Even today this place attracts all towards it to enable them to hear the constantly rising sound of the kirtana. "The talk of Hari is the only talk, and all else is futile", emerges from the waves of the ocean.

Address :
Swargdwar, Puri - 752001
Ph: 06752-223258

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