Pune Ashram
  In the holy land of Maharastra the voice of Bhakti (devotion) has got vibrated and the glory of jnana (wisdom) has come into light. This is the birth-place of the great hero Shivaji and is also the place for spiritual practices of Samartha Guru Ramdas. Ma's Ashram is situated here at the foot of the Chatursringi hillock on Ganesh Khind Road, Pune.

In 1960 Mr. and Mrs. Bhagwan Das Nagpal offered at the feet of Ma a plot of land along with a new building. When the construction of the Ashram was complete in 1961 Ma arrived there. This was practically the summer resort of Ma and many great satsangs were arranged here.

This is verily a place of wisdom and devotion combined; hence one could get the opportunity of coming in contact with the great saint Hari Babaji and also, imbibe the secret truths from the mouth of the great scholar Pt. Gopi Nath Kaviraj, as well as dive in the waves of melodious singing by Sm. Hirabai Barodkhar, the noted singer.

Through the efforts of devotees, a big satsang hall was built, which was inaugurated on 18th January, 1971, and in this very year the image of Balagopal and the twin-images of Radha-Madhava were also installed on 21st January and 12th July respectively. Since then a Shiva temple has been consecrated within the Ashram premises. Historically, Saraswati Puja, the Goddess of learning is performed here.

Address :
P.O. Ganeshkhind Road
Pune -411007

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