Pataldevi Ashram (Almora)
  Ma reached here for the first time in the year 1935. In 1937 her memorable pilgrimage to Mount Kailash began from this place, which became very dear to Bhaiji. Therefore, after the pilgrimage to Kailash and Manas Sarovar revered Bhaiji entered into Mahasamadhi in this inexpressable environment of the Himalayas at the lotus-feet of Ma, which are capable of eradicating one for ever from the miseries of this world.

In 1943, through the enthusiasm of Raja Shri Durga Singhji of Solon and the efforts of late Hari Ram Joshi, Bhaiji's "Samadhi Mandir" and the large Ashram of Ma were constructed at Patal Devi.

In this very place the great dancer of India Sri Udaya Shankar met Ma; here the image of Mahavira also appeared in Ma's divine vision.

Regarding this place, Ma's words are: "I see in these places that sadhus in astral bodies with matted hair are coming from within the ground and moving away. All sadhus remaining here have come to give darshan to this body. This proves that this is a place of penance" It is significant to note that the ashram ground at Pataldevi was the ancient samadhi place for mahatmas.

Even today, this hilly Ashram praising the glory of Ma and resounding through the caves and snowy peaks of the mountains invokes all devotees hailing from far and distant places.

Address :
Patal Devi
P.O. Almora-263602,(UA)
Ph: 05962-233120

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