Matri Vani on Sanyam

" Since you are living the lives of Sadhus you could try to ignore the cold as much as possible. If one moves about and takes exercise one feels it rather less. By leading a strictly regulated life one becomes firmly anchored on the spiritual path and then one does not have to suffer so much. You might exert yourself a little more in this direction. If the cold is extreme do not bathe early in the morning, but later in the day; on rising from sleep change your clothes, sprinkle some Ganges water on your body and then proceed with your morning worship. Brahmacharis must completely shun sarcasm and frivolous jokes." It is therefore important to observe silence as much as possible. Brahmacharis are forbidden to sleep during the day. Rising early, they should take pains not to fall asleep during the day. If for a prolonged period of time one makes a special effort in this direction, the habit will be established. Do not lose courage and be persevering in your sadhana."
"The capacity for uninterrupted Sadhana is also potentially in oneself : It will be discovered by wise discrimination. One should continuously be immersed in the particular Sadhana which will enable one to become possessed of the Supreme Treasure which is by its very nature one's own."

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