Kishenour Ashram (Dehradun)
  This valley situated at the bottom of the Himalayas is known by the name of 'Doon Valley'. According to the Pauranic mythology this was the place of austerities of Drona, the ancient teacher and the place was named after him.

This is verily a shrine to the devotees of Shree Shree Anandamayee Ma. This is the first center of Ma's arriving at the Uttarakhand region.

Here lies that place where on the divine smile, loving glance and sweet words of Ma. Bengali ladies of respectable families surrendered themselves to her. Not only this, they came to her forever. At this very place, the renowned political leaders of India also came in contact with Ma. Pt.Jawaharlal Nehru was the foremost among them.

On the insistence of devotees, a plot was bought for the Ashram in 1935 and in May, 1936 on the occasion of Ma's auspicious birth celebration, in the presence of Ma and Baba Bholanath, a building for the Ashram was established at Kishenpur. Baba Bholanath left his mortal coil in this very Ashram in 1938. In 1959, a Shiva temple and a Matri mandir were established here.

After carefully scrutinizing the various worldly leelas of Ma, we find that this Ashram is, in fact, the center of her numerous manifested and unmanifested leelas including Ma's Mahaparinirvan (departure from this material world) on the evening of 27th August, 1982.

It is for this reason that Bhaiji uttered a prophecy about this Ashram; "On observing the spontaneous happenings expressed in the life of Shree Ma, it appears that the purpose of all these is universal brotherhood, love, and peace". This Ashram at Dehradun will undoubtedly be the center for many graceful leelas in future as well. Perhaps this is the reason that the words "Mata Anandamayee Ashram Viswa Mandir" are inscribed on the main gate of this Ashram.

Address :
Kishenpur, P.O. Rajpur
Dehradun-248009 (UA)
Ph: 0135-2734271

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