Kedarnath Ashram (Himalayas)
  A small Ashram of Ma is situated on the bank of the river Mandakini at a little distance from the famous temple of Kedarnath at a height of about 11 thousand feet.

In 1977 when Ma was in Varanasi the old priest of the Kedarnath temple came to Ma and prayed to her that as Ma's Ashrams existed in Kashi, the city of Shiva, and also in Uttarkashi, there should also be a place for Ma in Kedardham - abode of Shiva. Unexpectedly Dr. Channa Reddy, the then Governor of Uttar Pradesh, was sitting before Ma in Varanasi just at that moment and he was about to go to Kedarnath. As soon as he came to know of this fact he agreed to offer full co-operation in this regard and it is needless to say that this work was fulfilled through his effort in a short period.

The work for constructing a small Ashram here was taken up in 1979. Ma herself directed the planning of the Ashram, where to construct the room for her and from where the temple would be clearly visible and other relevant details also.

Pt. Gaurinath Sastri, who often used to go to Kedarnath on the occasion of Sravani Purnima, related that a special ceremony be conducted there on the full moon day when an exceedingly beautiful worship of Kedarnath is performed at 12 A.M. in the midnight.

When Ma heard about the same she exclaimed with her natural simplicity : "This body does not know the contents of the scriptures, but diksha (initiation) of this body also occurred at this very time and on the same day."

In what way and in what connection Ma's divine lila gets revealed, to comprehend the same is beyond human intellect. While Ma was at Bajitpur the lila of diksha (initiation) occurred spontaneously at 12 A.M. on the Jhulan Purnima day. It has its own history. On this day meditation is done at night from 11.45 P.M. to 12.15 A.M. We all know that this particular day is specially connected with lord Shiva and Krishna as well.

Ma was to come here in the summer of 1981. But unfortunately this did not take place. Therefore in 1983 the opening ceremony of the Ashram was conducted in Ma's physical absence. But though Ma did not come here in her physical body, yet it is explicitly clear to all that Ma is present in this place even today and will also remain here eternally.

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