Kankhal Ashram
  Photo GalleryThe ancient kshetra Kankhal is mentioned in the Puranas. The Dakshalaya temple reminds one of the legendary King Daksha. Ma with revered Bhaiji came here sometime in the 1930's for the first time and stayed one whole night under an old banyan tree in the courtyard of Daksheswar Mahadev temple.

The generous devotee Shri Nitai Basu Mallick expressed his desire to offer the gift of his house, called Shantiniketan, situated near the Dakshalaya temple to Ma. In 1961 Ma, who lovingly used to fulfil all desires of devotees, came there and the sannyasa festival of Giriji was observed with pomp. On 13th April, 1970 a new Shiva temple was consecrated here and in this very year the Shantiniketan was formally donated to Shree Shree Anandamayee Sangha, a registered Society. The same place is now known as "Shiv Mandir".

The opening ceremony of the renovated Ashram building was performed on 7th July, 1970 in the presence of Ma and revered Giriji. On 8th August in Ma's presence Shri Muktananda Giriji (Ma's mother) left her body in the midnight of the fifth day of the weeklong recitation of the Bhagavata Purana in the Jaipuria Bhavan at Ramghat, Haridwar and the sanctified body of Giriji was cremated in the courtyard of this Ashram, as if this incident was prearranged from before. Infact this place seemed to belong to Giriji from even before. In 1974 on the occasion of Purna Kumbha Mela at Hardwar on the auspicious day of Akshaya Tritiya the marble statue of Giriji was installed in the magnificent temple erected over the samadhi of Giriji
  VideoAfterwards, the main Ashram at Kankhal came to be built up gradually. Here a big satsang hall was constructed and the marble statue of Sankaracharya was installed on 10th April, 1978 in presence of Ma and a large number of reputed Mahatmas. A three-storied guest house for devotees, a new residence for Ma were also constructed. In this respect the cooperation and assistance of the Mahanirvani Akhada of Kankhal deserves special mention. After a few years the Ashram at Kankhal was turned into the Head office of the organisation. Two different charitable dispensaries-one allopathic and another homeopathic are also functioning in this place. Later, during the Centenary year, have added "Matri Smriti Museum and Sarva Dharma Samanvay Library", a Vidyapeeth in Gurukul system for boys and a free kitchen "Ma Anandamayee Annapurna Annasthal", apart from a 4 - storeyed modern guest house for devotees.

In the last week of August 1982, the blessed body of Shri Ma was brought here to remain in the unmanifested form forever. This place really got a divine charge and illumination through Ma's divine lustre. Today a huge temple 87' high made of pure white marble named Akhanda-Jyoti-Peetham stands here splendidly. Its high golden pinnacle depicts for ever in an immortal script Ma's divine leela on this earth. This place has indeed been converted into a hallowed place in the Tourist map of India adored by thousands of devotees from the whole world."

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