Kalyanvan Ashram (Dehradun)
  This is situated on the Rajpur Road on the way from Dehradun to Mussoorie. It was manifested in Ma's divine vision even before her coming to this place. In the words of Ma -"One day I observed that I was sitting on an elevated place in a particular mood - none was with me. The place of my sitting was filled with stones. There was a spot in the middle of that place named Kalyan van." Not only this, Ma further saw that various gods with their respective vahanas (vehicles) and sages of higher stages were bowing their heads towards her. She has said about this place: "It is like a vast ocean having no end." What more can be said about this place ?

In 1944 foundation was laid for this Ashram by late Sachi Kanta Ghosh, a devotee of Ma, after acquiring a plot for the Ma Anandamayee Vidyapeeth. Afterwards in 1949, the Ashram building was established and in 1964 the "Ram Temple" was constructed, which is still the divine seat of many leelaof the Lord Rama.

Address :
176 Rajpur Road,
Dehradun-248009,(UA) Ph: 0135-2734471

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