Kalkaji Ashram (New Delhi)
  Photo GalleryThe connection of this Ashram is verily associated with the Nama samkirtan. In 1936 when Ma visited the Kali Mandir at Simla non-stop kirtan of Harinama for 12 hours used to be performed. There owing to the sound of the Kirtan, signs of mahabhava (higher spiritual states) got manifested in the blessed body of Ma.

Having observed Ma's divine form, full of charming beauty and engrossed in Bhava, the persons engaged in samkirtan considered themselves highly fortunate and thus they gained an unbreakable connection with Ma and the joy of kirtan came to be regarded as their only goal.

It is needless to say that all these persons were, on account of being associated with government service, the residents of Delhi. In their minds arose the idea of having a permanent place in Delhi where one could have the joy of frequently doing Kirtan in Ma's association and thus the idea of establishing an Ashram in Delhi came into existence.

VideoOn March 29, 1954 at the request of devotees Ma entered the round shaped "Nama Brahma Mandir" constructed in the courtyard of the newly built Ashram in Chandraloka, situated in Kalkaji. In 1957 the week-long Samyam Mahavrata was also performed here. On this occasion in the divine subtle vision of Ma appeared Mahaviraji (Hanuman).

Afterward the Ashram gradually got expanded and the temples of Shiva, Kali and Hanumanji were constructed and the consecration of the temple of Sri Muktananda Giriji was also done in Ma's presence.

Even today, on the last Sunday of each month, Nama samkirtan is performed here regularly from sun-rise to sun-set. This tradition has been running for many years and large number of devotees of Delhi seldom miss this monthly Kirtan.

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