There is a small Ashram of Ma called 'Sadhan Ashram' in a place known as Jakhan, situated at a distance of half a mile from the Kishenpur Ashram in Dehradun.

The house originally belonged to the generous devotee Shri Rupchand Sood, who donated the property at the sacred feet of Ma. This is a very lovely place in a lonely environment. Shri Sood had the desire that those aspirants who loved to live a solitary life should perform their spiritual practices here. He with his wife and mother lived in this very Ashram like Vanaprasthis.

While in Dehradun Ma sometimes used to stay here to take rest. In 1964 from 15th to 23rd April, Bhagavata, Purana was recited here in Ma's presence.

There is a poignant incident connected with this Ashram, showing the causeless compassion of Ma. In February 1969 Ma came here for a short while to visit Mrs. Sood who had been ill. It came to Ma's mind that she may not meet her again. In June, 1969 Mr. Sood received a direction from Ma in dream to recite the Ramayana. He decided to read the whole Ramayana. His wife, though ill , also participated in this. Ma was in Poona at that time. Mrs. Sood expired on 04th July. When Ma came to Dehradun in August then the reading of the whole Ramayana was again taken up according to her dictates. In the morning when Ma's bed was rolled up it was found that there was a small whitish snake beneath Ma's blanket, particularly in the portion in which lay her feet. The snake was lifted with a piece of paper and it was brought to Ma and was thrown in the bushes. On Ma's instructions when the snake was again searched , it was found to have been rolling on the paper. It was then kept in a bottle filled with Ganga water. After the reading of Ramayana was over and the aarti ended, the snake was found dead. As soos as Ma received this news, she asked one of the Ashramites to arrange for its jalsamadhi ( immersion in water) in the Brahmakund at Haridwar. Ma said : "That day the body passed away, today is the real death of death". Probably these words were spoken referring to the death of Mrs. Sood.

This blessed Sadhan Ashram will be carrying the message of causeless compassion of Ma for all times to come.

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