Health Clinics and Dispensaries

  Dehradun Ashram (UA)
A Charitable Homeopathic Dispensary was opened, inaugurated by Shri Hari Singh Bisht, the State Minister. The doctor attends the clinic three days a week and medicines are provided free of cost.

Jamshedpur Ashram (Jharkhand) :
Free medical treatment is being provided by DISHARI to the poor people living around the area with the help of ashram since one year. Also, Rekei Clinic is going in the ashram three days a week organized by devotees of Ma since one year. Yoga classes are also going on since 12-3-206.

Uttarkashi Ashram (UA) :
A Charitable homeo dispensary has been running in the ashram since last few years where about 2050 patients were treated during the year.

Agartala (W.Tripura) :
During the year, about 200 poor persons received free medical treatment and free medicines from the "Ma Anandamyee Karuna Charitable Homeopathic Dispensary".

Kalkaji, New Delhi (Delhi) :
A Charitable homeopathic clinic is run daily in the ashram premises, manned by an experienced M.D. doctor. Free medicines are also given to poor patients. About 700 patients were attended during the year. Apart from this, every Sunday afternoon a senior expert in Medicine and Ma's old devotee Dr. D.Sengupta runs  a free clinic, where free E.C.G. and blood sugar tests for diabetic patients are also done along with his valuable prescription.

Kankhal (Haridwar):
Two medical dispensaries are run from the Kankhal (Haridwar) HQ of the Sangha – each one being manned by a specialist doctor in Homeopathy and Allopathy. These dispensaries are very popular in the area and a good number of people including many ascetics visit the place daily. Free medicines are also given to the poor. About 850 patients were attended during the year.

Vindhyachal, Dt.Mirzapur (UP) :
A charitable homeo dispensary is run regularly in the ashram manned by two doctors and three assistants. It has become quite popular amongst local villagers and poor patients.

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