Bhimpura Ashram (Baroda)
  Photo GalleryMa came for the first time to this area of Gujarat in October, 1937. Manifestation of her various leelas is found in Chandod and Vyasa, situated on the bank of the holy river Narmada. There was, however, no definite Ashram of Ma in these places. Ma entered the huts of various Sanyasis, Brahmacharis, and spiritual aspirants, both male and female. All were extremely eager to lodge her in their respective ashrams. Didi Gurupriya was immensely surprised how so much love and devotion in a completely unknown place, where nobody could even understand the language, could be possible. This was verily the divine leela of Ma.

Photo Gallery In 1938-39 at the initiative of Swami Akhandanandaji, huts for the Ashram were built in the village Bhimpura on the bank of the Narmada. Extension of the Ashram was made afterwards by the devotees of Rajpipla. In the newly built Ashram, Ma visited for the first time in 1950. In 1981 the worship of goddess Saraswati was performed in Ma's presence where Ma Anandamayee appeared in the Divine manifestation of the Goddess Saraswati - a scene witnessed by a few devotees present on the occasion. Besides this, Padmanabha Bhagavan was worshipped and Mahashivaratri was also celebrated here in the presence of Ma.

Today this is indeed a holy place for all the devotees of Gujarat in a much enlarged and spacious Ashram on the river Narmada.

Address :
Bhimpura, P.O. Chandod
Baroda-391105 (Gujrat)
Ph: 02663-233202

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