Bairgarh Ashram (Bhopal)
  In March 1965, Shree Shree Ma for the first time set her foot on the small town of Bairagarh situated at a distance of 6 Km. from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Prior to this, Ma came to Bhopal on the invitation of the then I.G.P., Shri Shyam Sundar Nath Aga.

This Ashram stands as the illustration of her going to any place whatsoever on account of devotees' call filled with love. From the worldly point of view this place is neither a place for pilgrimage nor a place of any importance. Ma had said: "Baba was highly affectionate to this body and it is for him only that this body used to come here again and again." These words were uttered in 1973 in the courtyard of the Ashram at Raipur referring to Sir Datar Singhji after his death.

In 1964 at the pressing request of Sir Datar Singh and his wife, a suitable building was constructed in the premises of his farmhouse. In December 1971, the people of Bairagarh were fortunate to listen to the exposition of the Bhagavata from the blessed mouth of the Dandi Swami Shri Vishnu Ashramji, the renowned mahatma of Suktal in Ma's holy presence. In 1977, the building was dedicated to the Anandamayee Sangha. Currently, the Ashram is engaged in doing many charitable works in the vicinity, particularly amongst the downtrodden and poor.

Address :
P.O. Bairagarh
Bhopal- 462030 (MP)
Ph: 0755-269227

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