The Ashram in Varanasi
  Photo GalleryThe city of Varanasi, holding the dirtless stream of the Ganga, the daughter of the sage Jahnu ( hence called Jahnavi) on one side and the holy stream of wisdom belonging to the Vedas and the Agamas on the other side, attracts humanity towards itself in order to make it hear the anahata sound through the world-wide roar of 'Hara Hara Bam Bam'.

This very ashram was fortunately able to enjoy this unique scene on the occasion of the Savitri Mahayajna for three years from 1947-1950, which was not performed anywhere else previously. Its object was 'world-peace'.

On the occasion of Chaitra Navaratra this Ashram was established in 1945 on the bank of the Ganga through the untiring efforts of the venerable Gurupriya Deviji. The Vasant Puja continued to be performed here each year after the acquirement of land in 1944; this worship has been coming down without any break till today. Not only this, even oblation is being given daily without any break in the pit for oblation ( Havan-Kund) of the Yajna that continued for three years. The glory of this place cannot be expressed by words; it may be experienced only through the surrounding environment.

The images installed in the Annapurna temple of the Ramna Ashram at Dhaka were transferred to this Ashram just before the division of the country. All these images were installed in the Annapurna temple newly constructed in 1950. Two beautiful Shiva-lingas were found at time of digging the foundations of the Ashram. These two svayambhu lingas have also been installed in this very temple.
  Video On 30th April, 1968 a beautiful temple, Ananda Jyoti Mandir by name, was consecrated. The principal object of this is to depict Ma's immortal message in the world history with golden letters for all ages. In 1991, on the holy tithi of Akshya Tritiya three images showing different bhavas ( spiritual states) of Ma were installed. On the second storey of this temple , exists the image of Balagopal ( child Krishna). It has its own history. In 1957 on the Jhulan Ekadashi tithi , Balagopal entered the Ashram in the presence of Ma.

This Ashram was previously the head office of Shree Shree Anandamayee Sangha. The Samyama Mahavrta was also performed here for the first time in this holy place in 1952. The Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Ma was celebrated in this holy place in 1956 and the unique function of Tuladana was also conducted here.

Ma Anandamayee Kanyapith was established permanently in this holy place in 1945. Behind all the great events of the Varanasi Ashram, one name only echoes – it is the name of highly respected Shri Gurupriya Devi. Her great resolution and untiring labour were behind the Ananda Jyotirmandir, Kanyapith and the Ashram Bhawan. All these were done successfully on account of the causeless grace of Ma. Her taintless mind and active body got dissolved at the blessed feet of Ma and in the holy stream of the Ganga here for ever.

This is the place where Ma saw a band of divinely lustrous and blissful human forms calling her towards them. They were performing samkirtana with clapping and dancing all round placing Ma in the middle. Even today the blissful sounds of those divine forms are found to be echoed through the sounds of the conch and bell of the temples in the morning and at evening hours. Such is the highly sanctified Ashram at Varanasi.

Here when the venerable saint Sri Hari Baba was giving his sermon to the devotees , the song

"Nartan Paya AAo Pyare Bolo Ram Ram
Ramnam Lekar Mast Hoker Chalo Ram Dham"

Sung by a boy of unworldly nature, came to be manifested in the divine vision of the Mother. Among all the Ashrams of Ma, this one possesses some particular importance. In the words of Ma: "Here perpetually shines that entity , whose very essence consists of the mass of undivided reality."

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