Agartala Ashram (Tripura)
  Agartala, the capital of the Tripura State, is a charming hilly place. At the time of the division of the country, some portion of the original Tripura went under Bangladesh and some under India.

Tripura has indeed a very significant place in the divine life of Shree Shree Ma. The birth place of Ma also exists in this ancient state. It was the Kali temple at Kasba near Agartala where Ma's grandmother unconsciously prayed for a grand-daughter in place of a grandson. This place falls just on the boundary of India. The village Kheora, the birth-place of Ma is only at a distance of six miles from this place. This is the place from where the marriage party of Baba Bholanath sitting on an elephant with musical band went to Kheora.

Noble brahmins belonging to the family of Ma's maternal uncle were once the royal priests of Tripura. Therefore, it was quite natural to have an Ahsram of Ma in Tripura. Perhaps being influenced by such consideration the present Maharaja of Tripura earnestly prayed to Ma to have an Ashram in her name in Tripura and it was for this purpose that he expressed his willingness to offer to Ma the famous "Uma-Maheswara temple" along with extensive plots of land situated in front of the Royal Palace.

Ma came here in the last week of March 1982 and entered the newly built Ashram on 1st April and visited the well-known temple of Uma-Maheswara, situated within the Ashram campus. Ma brought with her an extremely beautiful image of goddess Saraswati made of white marble. She said: "This body is installing the image of Ma Saraswati, the bestower of Brahma vidya here for ever. The building constructed for this body will be Her temple and Tripureswara Shiva will also be visible from the verandah". Thus Ma Saraswati and Shiva were installed here by Ma herself with her own hands.

Special worship of Ma Saraswati is being conducted here regularly in accordance with Ma's special directions.

Address :
Palace Compound
P.O. Agartala-799001 (W. Tripura)
Ph: 0381-2208618, 2221298

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