Agarpara Ashram (Kolkata)
  This place is situated on the Western bank of the Ganga in one end of Kolkata. The Ashram was established here on the 12th April 1958. This has a vast area. On the bank of the Ganga, there is also a metalled ghat (bathing place) constructed by the Ashram and named as "Ma Anandamayee Ghat".

On 22nd September, 1960, in the newly-built temples, were installed the marble statue of Baba Bholanath, Ma's picture in the Durga mandapa and the images of Radha Madhava and Sitarama. After some time in April 1982, the marble statue of Shri Muktananda Giriji was installed in a newly built temple.

Big festivals like the Birthday function, Durga Puja, Samyam Saptaha were performed in the holy presence of Ma. Durga-Puja is performed here every year. The place is regarded as a tirtha by Ma's numerous devotees in Bengal. A magnificent, new temple of Ma, known as 'Ananda Dhyan Peeth', was also constructed in the Ashram campus during Ma's Centenary Celebration (1995/96). Meditation Camps are held here in vary serene and charged atmosphere.

Address :
P.O. Kamarhati
Kolkata -700058

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